Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teaching at the Kannapolis Library in North Carolina

It was an honor and a pleasure to teach the talented ladies at the Kannapolis Library on a recent family visit to Charlotte, NC, in April 2010. What a fun time we all had. I taught two classes on card making and one on journal making. I can't decide which one was more fun!
We all had a wonderful afternoon.

Cole and Grandmom Painting Mugs

Nothing beats crafting with my grandson, Cole (5 years old). We painted cute is that? Cole did a terrific job. Now if I could only get him to make cards! Love ya, Cole.

Shopping with Design Team Buddy

Nothing like visiting family and being able to shop with one of your Design Team buddies from Stamp N Plus! How neat is that? Dawn Knight and I met in Charlotte, NC, where she lives. She dragged me around to 3 scrapbooking stores so I could buy things I didn't need....that's a true rubber stamping friend. I also got to meet her adorable son, Jack. What a wonderful day I had. Thanks, Dawn.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes you just have one of those days. Sit back...relax...take it easy...and stamp!

Almost a Red Hat Lady

If I had just colored something purple on this card, it would look like one of the "Red Hat Ladies." Oh, time.

Dancing Beauty

What exactly do you think this woman is doing?

You Got That Right!

This saying is just sooooooooooo true! Don't you agree?

Clouds and Butts

Isn't it just like a woman to wonder if her butt looks too big? You would think that a cloud would make anything look smaller! Isn't it just the cutiest cloud?

Swamp Buggy Ride

My husband actually thought that taking me on a swamp buggy ride would help with my creativity. Boy, he has a lot to learn. Wait......I think I have a new card idea! I have to go stamp, color, and make a card!

Dress Up

Remember the days when you would dress up thinking that you were a big girl? Well, I live in Florida and everyday I wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. I fell like this little girl dressing up when I have to go out to a special party, event, etc.! Beautiful stamp by Stamp N Plus Scrap N.

Eager Birthday Giver

Remember when you were a lot younger and you wanted the birthday person to open your gift right away? Well, here's an adorable card that says it all! The backgound and stamp are from Stamp N Plus Scrap N. Coloring with Copic markers make it so easy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Florida Christmas in April

The card challenge was Christmas in since I live in Florida, here's my version of Christmas in April. Can you see the glitter and the embossing? Ho, ho, ho!

Snow Couple

This Christmas card was submitted to Stamp N Plus Scrap N for a card challenge contest in April 2010. There's lots of glitter and some "fake" snow. Is it Christmas yet?


Journals are a big part of life right now. It's fun to make your own journal to use and give as gifts. Personalize your journal to fit your personality. Enjoy the time you spend writing and reading your entries. Make your journal special!