Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Journal is a Journal......

I like to think about these books as "journals." Recently someone came out with the name "SMASH." So now you have a fancy name for a book where you can save all the little "snippets of thoughts, inspirations, photos, clippings, ideas, and items of your life." What better way to showcase your daily life than to have a special place to put all the little things you want to save. A decorated "journal" is certainly a beautiful way to go. Enjoy your life!

This is Just "Sew Cute"

These little pillows are decorated with wire, jewels, beads, butterflies, etc. Aren't they just "Sew Cute"? I love making them. You can hang them from a hook, on a door knob, on a tree......just anywhere you choose.......you decide! They are fun to make and great to look at. No reason for these.........just enjoy!

Lighted Fabric Garland

Look at the beautiful sparkling of lights all throughout this fabric garland. I know this decorated garland takes hours and hours to make, but.......what a beautiful addition to any piece of furniture, doorway, tree, etc. Each piece of fabric is hand cut, hand torn, hand knotted, etc......see, I told you it takes hours and hours to make. Crafting is my passion.....what's your passion?

Nature's Bounty - Real or Fake?

I love flowers! Flowers come in all colors, shapes, sizes, etc. In fact, if you make your own flowers you can make them any way you want! I love making flowers; I love putting flowers on things; and I love wearing flowers. These hand-made, beautiful flowers are all made to wear on your tops, on hats, in your hair, etc. If you can dream it....you can wear it!

Happy Hats

In my spare time (what spare time?) I knit these gorgeous hats for kids with cancer (Knitting for Children with Cancer Group). There is a group of women that work on these hats all throughout the year. In fact, our local Chili's Bar and Grill (Boynton Beach, FL) honors the knitters once a year (in September) by giving us a luncheon. How great is that!

I love to knit while watching TV.....I don't even have to look at the hat while I'm knitting. Maybe I can sleep while knitting???? The hand-made flowers just brighten up the hat and, hopefully, brighten up a little girl's day. I know it makes my heart feel good to knit these beautiful hats.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Isn't for Kids Anymore!

Disney isn't just for kids.....is it? Spent a few days at Disney with two of the cutest grandchildren in the world. Had a fabulous and exhausting time. Next time we go, I need to be younger!